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SB48 Side Event:

Empowering Developing Countries to Gain Access to
Climate Finance through Capacity Building

8 May 2018 | 16:45 p.m. - 18:15 p.m. | Kaminzimmer (113) | Bonn, Germany


The Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology, the Overseas Environmental Cooperation Centre, and the Ministry of Environment, Japan, wish to invite you to the side event 'Empowering Developing Countries to Gain Access to Climate Finance through Capacity Building' to be convened at the UN Climate Change Conference SB 48 on 8 May 2018.


Building national capacity is key to achieving a paradigm shift towards low-emission, climate-resilient development pathways and effectuating transformative change in developing countries. The shift in the climate finance regime from a donor-driven to a country-driven approach reinforces the need of developing national capacity to advance climate actions.

Building capacity of developing countries to access climate finance includes, inter alia, raising awareness on available sources of climate finance, creating enabling environments for investment, training and skills development on all aspects of funding proposal preparation, and knowledge sharing on good practices in mobilizing financial resources from public and private sectors. When
equipped with knowledge, skills and expertise, developing countries will be capable of designing and implementing country-driven climate change investment activities or projects to fulfill their Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement.

This side event aims to exhibit and appraise various aspects of capacity-building support provided to developing countries in the area of climate finance.
Panelists, including government representatives and practitioners, will share: 
  • Experiences and lessons learned from participating in capacity-building activities
  • Insights on effective approaches and good practices in building capacity
  • Critical capacity gaps that hinder greater access to climate finance
Government officials, UN agencies, civil society, private sector, and other stakeholders
Amjad Abdulla, GCF Board Member, Maldives
For more information download the event flyer here
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