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Virtual YEA DevCom Event
Developing Skills, Building a Community of Practice 

27 January 2021



The Youth Energy Academy (YEA) innovative programme involved  young women and men in the energy transition with focus on Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) approaches. The YEA explores the new role of the “prosumer” (producer + consumer), renewable energy community groups and cooperatives, entrepreneurship, from a practical perspective. 

Building on the work of the past two years under the YEA programme in Asia, the Virtual YEA DevCom Event envisions to create a community of practice of young people engaged with renewable energy in Asia, while also strengthening and providing an additional skills set to help alumni (YEA 2019 and YEA 2020) advance their projects ideas in the communities.




The YEA DevCom Event aims to build on the work of YEA involving the alumni from the two YEA editions to create synergies, increase the implementation potential of projects and foster replicability across the region. More specifically the Virtual YEA DevCom Event aims to:
1.  Convene the two groups of YEA alumni (from 2019 and 2020 editions)  for networking, creating synergies and opportunities for them to work together on DRE Approaches.
2. Provide a platform for the YEA alumni to share their project status.
3. Equip YEA alumni with the additional hard and soft skills and tools to design, organize and build small scale sustainable energy projects.
4. Foster leadership, entrepreneurship and a “can-do” attitude, by encouraging young people to develop and apply skills in developing projects in their communities.
5.  Increase potential of project idea implementation after the YEA DevCom Event.
6.  Develop a community map showcasing the YEA community (information on YEA alumni, their project idea and implementation status) in Asia.


Date and Format


The YEA  DevCom Event will take place virtually on 27 January 2021 at 4.30pm ICT (Bangkok Time) via Zoom .


The Programme


The  2 - hour virtual event  will be divided into 5 parts covering the following agenda.

Part 1           Opening

    Welcome and Introduction - Mapping the YEA community 

Part 2           World Cafe

    Participants will be divided into different breakout rooms to socialize and discuss/interact            on key topics.

Part 3           Pecha Kucha Speedy Presentations

    Participants will present the current state of their project ideas using Pecha Kucha                          format 

Part 4           Work-bench to Market

 This workshop-style session will be led by the Yunus Thailand team  that will                               introduce different tools of project design and work in groups to put one of these tools                     into practice using the project ideas.

Part 5           Closure

 Closing remarks

Date and Format
The Programme

Zoom Sessions


YEA DevCom Event

Meeting ID: 988 1484 3511

Supporting Materials

YEA Community Map

YEA Community Map
Our Team and Speakers

Our Team and Speakers


Alex Filippidis

Sustainable Energy Youth Network


Katherina Anastasiadis 

Sustainable Energy Youth Network


Susana Guerreiro

Sustainable Energy Youth Network


Jonathan Brenes


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Callum Mackenzie

Yunus Centre Thailand


Faiz Shah
Yunus Centre AIT


Pathit Ongvasit
Yunus Centre Thailand


Asmita Poudel


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