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People Planting Trees

Live Webinar

showcasing leading nature-based solution 
Experiences from Europe and Asia

Thursday, 11 August 2022

14.00 - 16.15  (UTC +7)
Join via Webex


Our Objective

The webinar aims to share knowledge and practical experiences in the field of NbS application to facilitate the effective uptake of this knowledge and contribute to a higher level of coordination among relevant sectoral policies and different institutional levels.

The webinar will help climate change adaptation practitioners advance their thinking about effective approaches by learning what has worked for others

(or not worked).

Many different lessons and approaches from some of the leading NbS projects from Asia and Europe will be shared to broaden the exchange of knowledge across communities, resulting in more effective NbS project development.

Aside from sharing examples, the webinar also aims to foster a multi-sectoral dialogue by sharing practical resources and planning tools including enabling polices and financing considerations. 


Presentations and Speakers

Nature-based solutions for disaster risks in Japan: traditional knowledge and transdisciplinary approaches

By Prof. Yoshida Takehito,
University of Tokyo

Developing collaborations for NbS: lessons from the EU ReNature project

By Dr Mario Balzan
Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology 

Developing NbS solutions for Managing Biodiversity Landscapes in Bhutan

Dr Norbu Wangdi,
The Royal Society for the Protection of Nature, Bhutan

Ecological Mangrove restoration in Demak, Indonesia

Joost Noordermeer,
Witteveen+Bos, Indonesia

Locally led NbS experience from South Asia

Raphael Glemet,
IUCN, Asia Regional Office, Bangkok

Our Partners

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