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Climate Change Cluster welcomes new members to the team

Starting March 2020, the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific at AIT has welcomed two new staff members that will join the Climate Change Cluster.

Mr. Phurba Lhendup from Bhutan, will be leading the Climate Change team as the new Head of the cluster. Phurba joins the AIT-RRCAP after an extensive experience in managing conservation projects and programmes for WWF Bhutan and WWF Cambodia. He also brings over a decade long of experience as a government official under the Ministry of Forests and Agriculture of Bhutan.

Ms. Asmita Poudel, Nepalese, will join as the new Programme Officer. She has a diverse set of experience working for the Rural Access Program and the Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists. Among other projects, she worked to improve the economic condition of poor people living in remote areas of Nepal by building partnerships between divergent interest groups: Bank, Multinational Companies, SMEs and Farmers. She holds a MSc degree in Natural Resource Management and a bachelor degree in Environmental Science from Kathmandu University

They are both former AIT graduates on Natural Resource Management who now return to contribute to AIT’s Climate Change and Sustainability efforts in the region.

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