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10-Day Economics of Climate Change Adaptation Training Programme

The first run of the joint UNDP-USAID-AIT training programme on ‘Economics of Climate Change Adaptation’ that took place between 21 August–1 September 2017 at AIT was a great success, with overall high satisfaction levels among participants.

(Group photo of ECCA participants with UNDP, AIT and USAID)

“The training in a way motivated me to learn more and more (...). My previous knowledge of economic analysis was completely wrong, and it has changed. Now I can understand a bit of the language, and I will improve it and apply it when reviewing CBA, decision making and prioritizing adaptation options” – Testimonial ECCA Participant

The 25 participants - selected out of 300 applications - representing 13 countries in Asia, worked hard during the two weeks of training. Participants learned about climate change impacts on economic sectors, especially in agriculture, and how to conduct and review cost-benefit analysis of adaptation projects, whilst also working on their project proposals.

Besides daily training sessions, participants could also rely on a dedicated online forum and evening “clinic” time, where they received support from senior experts in further developing their proposals. This innovative feature of the training gathered great acceptance from participants as the comment on the ECCA online forum demonstrates.

( ECCA participants after after presenting project proposals)

The ECCA team will now follow-up on the 12 proposals prepared and their potential implementation. The second run of the ECCA programme will take place in March 2018 and the call for applications will open in November 2017.

To access more information, click on the following link.


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