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Pakistani Officials Receive Training on Developing Project Proposals for Climate Change Mitigation

A five-day training programme on developing project proposals for climate change co-organized by the Climate Technology Centre and Network and the Asian Institute of Technology under its Climate Change Asia initiative was convened on 7-11 August 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. A total of 17 key government officers from various national and sub-national government agencies of Pakistan participated.

The training programme is a response to the request of the Ministry of Climate Change of Pakistan for capacity building support in developing bankable project proposals for the GCF aimed at advancing Pakistan’s national priorities. The MoCC is concurrently a national designated entity to the CTCN and a national designated authority to the Green Climate Fund.

The training programme had five primary modules:

  1. Understanding GCF operations from a project development point of view

  2. GCF project concept note: Elaboration of a logical framework, defining result areas, and choosing a suitable Accredited Entity

  3. GCF project concept note: Complying with the GCF Investment Framework

  4. GCF project concept note: Elaboration of implementation arrangements, ensuring stakeholder engagement, complying with regulatory requirements, and carrying out risk analysis

  5. Developing a roadmap for finalizing the GCF concept note and funding proposal

The delivery of the training programme was led by Mr. Roland Treitler of GIZ and supported by Dr. Peter King of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies and faculty and staff of AIT namely Dr. Mukand Babel chairperson of Climate Change Asia, Dr. Abdul Salam, Dr. Nophea Sasaki, and Dr. Peeyush Soni.

The training programme also included a day trip to the Sunny Bangchak Solar farm – a 38-megawatt facility located in Bang Pa-In Ayutthaya responsible for the abatement of 38,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions and 40,000 tonnes of coal imports per year.

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