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Training Workshop on Developing Concept Notes for the Green Climate Fund: Urban Climate Resilience

The Training Workshop on Developing Concept Notes for the Green Climate Fund: Urban Climate Resilience in Indonesia was successfully conducted on 12 – 16 June 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event was organised by the AIT RRC.AP with financial support from the Ministry of Environment, Japan (MoEJ) and in collaboration with the Fiscal Policy Agency, The Ministry of Finance Indonesia, and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), Indonesia. There were around 35 participants, representing National Designated Authority (NDA), Accredited Entities (AEs), Direct Access Entities (DAEs), and representatives from various Local Government Units (LGU), civil society organizations, and consultancy firms in Jakarta and the nearby provinces in Indonesia, who took part in the 5-day national training program designed to empower these stakeholders to develop high-quality concept notes aimed at securing climate finance, with a specific emphasis on the GCF.

The event started with the welcome remarks delivered virtually by Mr. Enrico Tarigan, Acting Director, Center for Climate Finance and Multilateral Policy, Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia. It was followed by the keynote address of Dr. Guilberto Borongan, the director of AIT RRC.AP, who underlined the importance of unleashing the potential for transformative change in cities by leveraging climate finance from the GCF, collectively explore strategies, innovative financing mechanisms, and practical solutions to improve resilience of urban areas. Mr. Genichiro Tsukada, Director, Climate Change Adaptation Office, Ministry of the Environment, Japan delivered virtually his keynote speech on behalf of the Ministry of Environment Japan and discussed about the challenges facing increasing urbanization and the need to develop urban climate resilience in Indonesia where GCF can play a big part. Mr. Demetrio Innocenti, Manager, Division of Mitigation and Adaptation, GCF, contributed with the final keynote speech virtually, elaborating the GCF processes and its funding modalities.

The comprehensive 5-day program which consisted of lectures, group exercises, and presentations, enabled the participants to successfully deliver four concept note project proposals relating to water/flood management, agriculture system, public health system and solid waste management, as a final output of the training workshop.

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Smith Joel
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