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RRC.AP goes to UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn

Updated: Nov 3, 2017

A delegation of the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP), representing the Asian Institute of Technology, will attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany, from 6 to 17 November 2017. It will co-organise two side events and a permanent exhibit in collaboration with international and regional partners.

Photo Credits: Twitter @COP23

Side Event:

Measuring Progress in Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience: From Concepts to Practical Applications

Tuesday, 7 November 15:00—16:30 in Meeting Room 7, Bonn Zone

The side event is organised in partnership with the International Development Research Centre, McGill University, University of Notre Dam du Lac and the Africa Group of Negotiators Expert Support. Country delegates and experts will be sharing experiences on approaches to measuring progress in climate change adaptation and resilience building as well as challenges and lessons learned with a view to identifying frameworks and key indicators that should inform metrics on climate adaptation and resilience. A background paper on the state-of-the-art on tracking adaptation and resilience will be the basis of discussions.

The speakers at the side event are:

  • Ms Edith Ofwona Adera, Senior Programme Specialist, International Development Research Centre

Background paper on “state-of- the-art on measuring adaptation and resilience with gender considerations”

  • Dr James Ford, CIHR Applied Public Health Chair , McGill University, Adaptation Tracking Consortium

Presentation on a global framework for tracking adaptation (includes big data) and lessons from field-based testing around the world

  • Dr Chen Chen, Research Scientist, ND-GAIN

Measuring changing vulnerabilities following adaptation interventions at community level

  • Dr Anh Do, Director, Climate Change Research Center, Institute of Meteorology Hydrology and Environment of Vietnam

Presentation on “Effective Monitoring of Climate Change Adaptation: Contribution towards National Adaptation Plan Process”

  • Ms Anne Olhoff, Head of the Climate Resilient Development Programme, UNEP Report on adaptation metrics and methodologies as part of “Adaptation Gap” series

The event will be moderated by Dr George Wamukoya of the Africa Group of Negotiators Expert Support

Side event: Japan’s efforts in introducing next generation projects and innovative business models through the Green Climate Fund

Tuesday, 7 November 17:00—18:30 Japan Pavilion, Bonn Zone

The side event is jointly organised with the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MOEJ) and the Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center. MOEJ has been promoting mitigation actions in developing countries by enhancing their capacity to access GCF funds. With more than 50 GCF projects approved, it is important to assess how effectively the existing projects promote a paradigm shift to a low emission and climate-resilient development and how to maximize the impact of future projects.

The panel discussion with representatives from the GCF Secretariat, Accredited Entities, National Designated Authorities and the GCF Board will focus on essential elements and challenges in defining a paradigm shift and introducing innovative business/finance models for next generation GCF projects.

Panel members include:

  • Green Climate Fund Secretariat

  • Accredited Entities (Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, Japan International Cooperation Agency)

  • National Designated Authorities from the Maldives, Mongolia, Vietnam

  • Green Climate Fund Board

  • Ministry of the Environment of Japan

Light refreshments will be served after the event!

The side event will be held at the Japan Pavilion in Bonn Zone (link).


6-17 November, Exhibition Area, Bonn Zone

RRC.AP and Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) are co-hosting an exhibit for the full duration of the Conference.

The exhibit will share messages from and experiences of 21 Pacific Islands about the impacts of climate change in their island communities, and will display climate actions taken to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change in the region.


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