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A series of insights from experts on GCF financing and the S8 downscaling tool via e-learning videos

The AIT RRC.AP recently completed the development of e-learning video series on accessing the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for climate change adaptation and on the use of the S8DS: a downscaling tool to aid climate adaptation planning, as a knowledge product for the Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform (AP-PLAT).

The three modules of the e-learning video on Accessing the GCF for Adaptation present - 1) insights to help project proponents understand and navigate the process of collaborating with an Accredited Entities (AE), 2) introducing and reflecting on some of the considerations and challenges faced by stakeholders involved in identifying and refining climate action projects transferring adaptation technology solutions, and 3) experience shared on best practices by project proponents to refine and complete proposals respectively.

Similarly, the e-learning video on the use of the S8DS: a downscaling tool to aid climate adaptation planning also comprises three modules: module 1 introduces the key climate change data and its use in decision making, assisting in comprehending future climate scenarios in relation to the UNFCCC scenarios, climate downscaling using Global Climate Model (GCM) and Regional Climate Model (RCM) as climate projection tools including some of the climate downscaling limitations and uncertainties; module 2 explaining the basic features, technical specifications, and access information of the S8DS tool and demonstrating the use of the tool by developing a simulation model and interpreting the result; Lastly module 3 presenting the National Adaptation Planning (NAP) process using a case study from the Thailand NAP process.

You can access the e-learning video series by clicking on the link below for the respective topic.


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